Client Safety

Client safety is our first focus at Phi Permanent Makeup. Sterilisation and sensitisation procedures are meticulously followed in order to keep clients, staff, and anybody who visits the clinic safe.

There are educational seminars to ensure everyone is up to date with maintaining infection prevention. Additionally, the salon is blood borne pathogens certified according to state regulations.

Equipment & Tools

All microblades and needles are completely sterile and disposable and will never be used on another customer. Each needle and microblade is individually packaged and labelled with the sterilisation lot number and date.

All used sharps, such as needles and microblades, are disposed of in an FDA-approved sharps container in line with SA regulations. Following each procedure, the artist must properly dispose of all tools and clean the station with medical grade cleaners. This allows us to maintain hygiene while also ensuring the safety of our employees and clients.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective equipment such as gloves are used by artists throughout all procedures. The artist must wash hands for at least 20 seconds before and after using gloves to avoid any cross contamination and to ensure safety of clients and others. Any time the artist takes her gloves off, they must wear a new pair of gloves and cannot leave the procedure room with gloves on to ensure the environment is clean and safe.

To ensure everything is maintained sanitary, for procedures such as cosmetic tattooing the artist and clients have to wear protective headgear, in addition the artist must wear protective masks and apron while performing the procedure.

Work Surfaces

When a surface cannot be sanitised or sterilised, it is wrapped in with a barrier film, for example the tray and chairs are covered with plastic prior to each procedure and the plastic is changed after each client to ensure everything is as clean as possible.