Do I need pain relief/numbing agent for cosmetic tattooing?

For any cosmetic tattoo procedure, a topical anaesthetic is required to ensure comfort levels are maintained.

How do I order the specialised anaesthetic gel?

1. Call Eastside Compounding – (08) 7093 0420

2. Let them know you need an anaesthetic gel for visiting Phi Permanent Makeup.

3. They will ask you a few risk assessment questions

4. Pay for the anaesthetic

Can I bring my own numbing gel/cream?

No, according to SA health regulations, the anaesthetic must be prescribed to you by a doctor, and you cannot bring any over the counter anaesthetic/products with you for use. Additionally, the prescribed anaesthetic cannot be shared with any other persons.

What are the benefits of our recommended numbing gel?

Our numbing gel has a higher percentage of active ingredients than any over the counter numbing agents, hence it is stronger and provides better comfort. It is a clear gel that works fast without any dilution of the pigment. It is also compatible with the PH of your skin, preventing skin burning.